‘Twas the week before Christmas…

We had an exciting last week of term before the Christmas holidays. On Tuesday evening we took part in the school pantomime’Pirates of the Currybean’.

Our very own class mascot Cuddles came to watch us and he really enjoyed the show! He thought all the boys and girls were fantastic!

On Thursday we had our Christmas raffle. Well done to the three lucky winners!

We also had a special visitor who came to see how well we’ve been working in our first term in school. Santa assured us we were all on the nice list, phew!!

On Friday we wore our Christmas jumpers into school. This was part of a fundraiser for Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

On Friday we said goodbye to our ‘Kindness Elf’ Jingle who had been with us for December, setting us challenges each day to spread kindness in our classroom. We hope he makes it back safely to The North Pole and comes to visit again next year.

Merry Christmas from Junior Infants!

The Shape of Things

In Maths, we’ve been exploring 2-D shapes. We created shapes using lollipop sticks, cubes, counters and even our own bodies!

We had a shape hunt in the classroom where we found many different items that were 2D shapes.

After reading the book ‘ The Shape of Things’ , we looked at how we can find a lot of shapes in every day things.

The Doctor’s Surgery

After learning about the hospital and the doctor’s surgery we had fun role playing in The Doctor’s Surgery. We had many sick patients. The receptionist showed them to the waiting room until the doctor was ready to see them.

The pharmacist organised the prescriptions, pills and medicine for the sick patients.

The doctors were great at looking after their patients and making them feel better. They checked their heart, blood pressure and their temperature.

The Doctors were always very busy each day in the surgery.

At the play dough station, Some children made the equipment used by the doctor.

Others created delicious cookies for the patients to make them feel better.

A Visit from Nurse Nicola

Sam’s mum Nicola came in to speak to us about the role of a nurse and how they help the doctor. She brought with her some equipment which we enjoyed testing.

We listened to our heartbeats using a stethoscope.

We checked Nicola’s and Ms. Deacon’s blood pressure using a blood pressure monitor.

We also checked our temperatures using a digital thermometer.

We really learned a lot from Nicola’s visit. Thank you Nicola.

In English we read a story called Baby Brains. It was about a very extraordinary baby who was very smart. When he came home from the hospital after being born his parents found him reading the newspaper. The next day, he said he wanted to go to school. Soon after he went to college to become a doctor and then he ended up going to space! However up in space Baby Brains wailed and said ‘ I want my Mummy!’ We thought this part of the story was very funny.

We laughed a lot during this story. Afterwards we drew pictures of what we would like to be when we are older.

Snowy Snowmen

In English we learned a funny poem:

Melting Ice Experiment

In Science, we experimented to see how quickly ice cubes would melt in our classroom. We had three pots which we put in different places around the room. We predicted that the ice cubes would melt the quickest on the radiator. We left the orange pot on the radiator. We left the red pot in the cupboard and the third, blue pot on our desks. After ten minutes we checked the three pots. Our predictions were correct! The orange pot on the radiator melted the quickest and the red pot in the cupboard was the slowest.

Even after our lunch some of the ice cubes still had not melted!

Dave’s Jungle

Dave’s Jungle came to visit us in school. He brought with him a lot of interesting animals and reptiles for us to see. We got to touch and hold some of them.

First we met Sharon the snake. She was two years old and very very long!

Next we got to hold Charlotte the Tarantula. She felt quite soft and tickly in our hands. Dave showed us how she makes her web. The children were a lot braver than Ms. Deacon holding Charlotte.

We also met Phyllis the Iguana who enjoyed crawling around the hall and exploring!

We then saw Spike the alligator snapping turtle. He had a very sharp beak so we had to keep our hands behind our backs. We also pretended that Spike was going to bite our finger. We really enjoyed Dave’s Jungle visiting our school.

Planting in our School Garden

We spent some time the garden this week helping Cherry, the school gardener, to plant some onions. We planted white and red onions.

We then came back into the classroom and made some potato animals. We used matchsticks to give them legs, drew on some faces and added grass seed to their backs. Hopefully in a few weeks they will all have hairy grassy backs!! We need to keep them warm and well watered over the next few weeks.