Science Week!

We had fun being scientists this week. Have a look at some of our experiments!

Making Static Electricity!

Crawling Colours!

We used the three primary colours blue, red and yellow to make new colours. We watched the paper towels soak up the water and mix with another colour to make purple, orange and green.

Making Ice-Cream in a Bag!

Exploring Shadows!

Egg-y Experiments!

Testing the density of water
How strong are egg shells?
The egg drop challenge

Separating Iron from Cornflakes

Experimenting with Sounds

Planting in the garden

Luca grew his own beans in a bag at home. They grew very well. He planted them outside in a pot in his garden.

You can see we were very busy during Science Week!

Daily Reading Books

The website Oxford Owl has a free ebook library that contains some of the same readers that I had been sending home for reading homework each night. It does require a log in – email and password- but it may be of some use to continue with reading. I’ve attached the link below.

Once logged in, you can browse the ebook library- found under the ‘books’ tab. You can select a book by levels or series but I would suggest selecting the age 4-5 this way you will get to view all of the books available starting from wordless books that we would have started with in September up to Stage 3.

Pupils could read one book per night or half of the book depending on the length and individual ability. When they have finished a book, the children can play two activities based on the story.

There is also an option to play the audio recording while the pupils reading. This could help them if they are stuck on a word and to build fluency and expression when reading.

I hope this is of some help!

The Farm

We’ve been learning about the farm in school. We read the story Rosie’s Walk and mapped out her journey around the farm. She walked across the yard, around the pond, over the haycock, past the mill, through the fence, under the beehives and got back in time for dinner. Little did she know there was a sneaky fox hot on her tail feathers! Can you find these places in our drawings?

Shrove Tuesday

This week learned about Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake Tuesday. We read the story Mr. Wolf’s Pancakes in English. This was a story about a wolf who wanted to make pancakes but nobody would help him. He had to do all of the work by himself. Of course, when he eventually made the delicious pancakes all of his neighbours wanted to help him eat the pancakes! Instead of letting him have some of the pancakes…he ate the neighbours!!

In Religion, we learned the true reason behind why we have delicious pancakes on Pancake Tuesday. We watched a video about Jesus spending 40 days and 40 nights in the desert avoiding temptation. Some of us are going to try give up some sweet treats during Lent too!

Before Lent started though, we got to taste some delicious pancakes with some lemon and sugar on top! Yummy!!

Making Butter

In Science, we made butter. First, we poured cream and a pinch of salt into a jar.

Then, we used all of our energy to shake, shake shake the jar! After a few minutes we made butter. It was very exciting! The cream separated into butter and buttermilk. We strained off the buttermilk and then tasted the butter.

The result was a BIG thumbs up. The butter was very tasty- so tasty we had seconds.

Food Glorious Food

Our theme for January was food. The home corner transformed into a supermarket.

The pupils took on roles of the shop keeper and customers.

At the art station, the pupils created printing patterns using food and paint.

The playdough group created delicious foods and cookies to eat.

The pupils played a board game based on the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ which they read during English. They had to take turns moving around the board, collecting fruits on each stop.

Sorting healthy and unhealthy food.

Creating their own pizza with delicious toppings.

In English they created a shopping list on their whiteboards.

‘Twas the week before Christmas…

We had an exciting last week of term before the Christmas holidays. On Tuesday evening we took part in the school pantomime’Pirates of the Currybean’.

Our very own class mascot Cuddles came to watch us and he really enjoyed the show! He thought all the boys and girls were fantastic!

On Thursday we had our Christmas raffle. Well done to the three lucky winners!

We also had a special visitor who came to see how well we’ve been working in our first term in school. Santa assured us we were all on the nice list, phew!!

On Friday we wore our Christmas jumpers into school. This was part of a fundraiser for Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

On Friday we said goodbye to our ‘Kindness Elf’ Jingle who had been with us for December, setting us challenges each day to spread kindness in our classroom. We hope he makes it back safely to The North Pole and comes to visit again next year.

Merry Christmas from Junior Infants!

The Shape of Things

In Maths, we’ve been exploring 2-D shapes. We created shapes using lollipop sticks, cubes, counters and even our own bodies!

We had a shape hunt in the classroom where we found many different items that were 2D shapes.

After reading the book ‘ The Shape of Things’ , we looked at how we can find a lot of shapes in every day things.